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Michał Sobczyk

Michał Sobczyk
tel. +48 579 103 464


Ostatnie wpłaty

, ZS nr 1 im Cezaka, Zgierz750 zł
EM, 50 zł
KH, 101 zł
MN, 100 zł
KB, 20 zł
EM, 50 zł
MR, 15 zł
AP, 500 zł
PS, 100 zł
WR, 342 zł
KP, 200 zł
EM, 100 zł
JK, 200 zł
AJ, KIELCE200 zł
AG, 500 zł
BB, 100 zł
JW, 30 zł
WG, 70 zł
RŚ, 30 zł
KS, 20 zł

Serdecznie dziękujemy!

Voluntary Work

The money and things you send to us are very needed but most of all we need your skills and experience. That is why we would like to invite you to Zambia as our volunteer. Together not only we can do a lot of good work out there but also we will show you Africa you would never have a chance to see from your hotel room during holidays and trips. Every single volunteer of ours who went to Zambia says that it was the life time experience.

What will be your job?

No matter your field of interest, education or experience, no matter the skills you have, if you only feel you can help us in Linda- feel invited. We build our school from scratch. When we got there for the first time we have found an empty field, we were the ones who cut the trees and dig first holes in the ground and build the brick walls from the very beginning. There is always a lot of work to do out there and we have no doubts you will find something for yourself. Mostly out volunteers do three types of work.

Teaching in our school

It’s important to know that in our school we do not only teach as other schools do. We also show the kids that things such as punctuality, integrity, honesty, responsibility and hard work are very important values to reach a success in the future. As a volunteer, at first you help teacher and kids to organize the classes. Later, when you get ready you will teach kids how to read, write and count during your own classes. If you are good at science you will teach kids math, chemistry or biology. If you have an artistic soul you will have your own art lessons etc.

Constructing new buildings

Our school in Linda is still growing. We build new classes, fences, water-supply system for the neighbourhood or plant the trees. There is a lot of constructing work not only at our place but also at our friendly organizations and communities in Linda. So for example if you do not feel strong enough as a teacher in our school you can always help us to develope it and improve other structures in Linda.

We also need doctors and nurses

We collaborate with a small clinic in Linda. Although there is no single doctor working there, only nurses it works as an emergency place in the area and the help is really needed there. That is why we also decided to look for a voluntary doctors who would like to go to Linda and make an impact on people’s medical condition.

Take your plus one with you

It is very common for our volunteers to join us as a couple. Ladies usually help to organize work in the school, teach and spend time with kids while men are working on the construction sites.

How much will it cost you?

As a volunteer you cover all the expences of transportation and living in Zambia.

Flight tickets- around 3 000 zloty

The prices of flight tickets depends on the flying companies and the time of the year you choose to travel but it won’t cost you more than 3 000 zloty. The good news is that we always look for the best flight possibilities and price occasions. Our first group of volunteers traveled for 1830 zloty both ways, the second group for 2 500 . So you should be prepared that the cost of transportation both ways is 3 000 zloty, if we find cheaper flights than you can save the rest.

Accommodation- around 8 dollars a day

At this moment we accommodate our volunteers in the local hotel which costs 8$ for a night with a breakfast.

Food – around 5-10 dollars a day

We have our kitchen working from Monday to Friday so we provide you afternoon lunch during the week. But you have to be prepared that besides that lunch you would have to buy food and drinks for yourself on your own. Please remember that prices in Zambia are twice higher than prices in Poland.

Safari in Botswana- around 500 dollars

It is unlikely to be in Africa and do not go on safari. During your stay you would have some days off to travel with us to Botswana on the real safari (one day by car, with food will cost you 180 dollars) and to some other very interesting places like Victoria Falls or Livingstone which will also cost you a few dollars.

How long do I have to stay?

The time of stay for our volunteers is not shorter than one month. We are looking for volunteers who will commit their time and effort to our school, not only a tourists who will work with us for a week and all the other time would like to travel around the country. If you decide to go to Zambia we would like you to stay at least one month to accommodate well and experience a little bit of african way of lifestyle and most of all to make some impact on our school. From our experience, those who want to go for a week or two are usually and simply wasting our time and efforts to organize their transportation, work and time out there and eventually noone is satisfied.

Those who have already worked with us in Linda

Below you will find a list of volunteers who have already been to Africa with us and helped to develope our school. If you want to contact any of them to ask some questions about their experience please let us know. We, as a team who build and organize school in Linda will always say many many good things about the project but they were there with us and from the point of view of the volunteer, they simply know better ;)

Broadcast with the first group of our volunteers:
Maciej Dutko

Entrepreneur, lecturer and founder of consulting/training company. Maciek was one of our first volunteers in Linda who has started to build our school from scratch on January 2013.

Kamil Cebulski

Entrepreneur and founder of ASBIRO Alternative School of Business and Personal Development who iniciated the project of building the preschool in Linda. He have worked with the first group of volunteers on January 2013.

Dominika Wach

Entrepreneur, the head of ASBIRO Foundation. Before Zambia she have spent three months as a volunteer in Kanya where she bought the school buildings and pass them on to the teachers so they would no longer had to pay for using them. She was in charge of the second group of our volunteers who went to Linda on April 2013.

Dariusz Malacha

Entrepreneur from Great Britain. Darek was among the first group of volunteers on January 2013.

Dawid Bojahr

Student from Gdansk, he went to Zambia with the first group of volunteers and stayed longer than the others helping us to start the constructions.

Piotr Maruszak

An engineer from Great Britain, as a professional he helped as a lot while we were making our first steps on building the preschool. Piotrek was a volunteer among the first group who traveled to Zambia on January 2013.

Adam Nowaczek

Entrepreneur, football manager and ex-soldier. Adam went to Zambia with the second group of volunteers helping to build brick walls of the preschool.

Adam Niechciałowski

Student from Krakow, decided to quit his job as a book-keeper and become our volunteer in Linda. He was among the second group and helped to build brick walls. Right now he is making first steps as an entrepreneur.

Dominik Sikora

Personal trainer at the gym and music producer in his free time. Dominik was with us in April 2013 building brick walls of the preschool.

Artur Wroński

Entrepreneur from Warsaw. He loves food and travels but most of all he likes to mix both of those passions. He went to Linda with the second group of volunteers and have been building brick walls of the preschool.

Janusz Klemczak


I want to be a volunteer! But what should I do?

First of all, please contact us and tell us something about you. We will put your name on our voluntary work list and will keep in touch to know you better. And of course we will inform you about our plans, work and progress we make. Also whenever we will need some volunteers to help us in Linda we will invite you.

Travel with group

For now till the end of the year our volunteers go to Zambia as groups for the conditions and time we discuss 1-2 months earlier. For each group we invite 5-8 volunteers ready to work on the construction site of our preschool. Each time they have their team goal- like build the brick walls or construct the roof and the come back when they are done with the work (which takes them no more than a month). How do we organize a group? First step is to inform every volunteer about the time in which we will need him in Linda. When we have 5-8 volunteers ready to go we arrange the flight and other important things before they departure. Of course we are always in touch with our volunteers whenever they need us.

Travel by yourself

On the beginning of the year 2014 we will open the school and start organizing the first lessons. Then we won’t need groups of volunteers that much any more who stay for one month, do their work and leave but we will need individuals who would go to Linda whenever they would be ready and stay even longer to work with the kids.

Feel free to contact us and ask questions:

Asia Śliwka tel. 883 31 01 52

What is ASBIRO?

The only school, where 100% of teachers are entrepreneurs.


Ks. Jacek Gniadek

Jacek Gniadek

Ksiądz, misjonarz.
Kamil Cebulski

Kamil Cebulski

Przedsiębiorca, publicysta, rektor Uczelni ASBIRO.
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