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Michał Sobczyk
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Our School in Africa

The history of our school in Zambia

In the winter of  2011 father Jacek Gniadek who later bacome one of our lecturers in ASBIRO University ( and who invited us to visit him in Zambia. We went there for a month and travelled with Jacek all over the country. The time we have spent together  let us knew each other better. We told Jacek about ASBIRO University and our investments in England, Tailand, Russia and Ukraine. Jacek shared with us his plans to develope his parish in Linda.

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Not many people know that priests who live in Africa are very different than ones you can meet in Poland. Imagin that in Africa every single parish is a company with 10-100 employees. Almost every one in running it’s own preschool, school, business center, cafeteria, guest rooms and sometimes even a small farm, pool or bricks factory. Thanks to all of that a parish can work well and has got the funds to establish orphanages or hospitals.

Jacek’s parish is just a small church in the middle of a big empty field. It is located in the capital city of Zambia- Lusaka in one of the poorest area with 17 000 people who live there named Linda.

Jacek has spent over a 20 years living in Africa and working as a missionary. He was a manager of many interesting projects but among them the most interesting for him were the ones about education of the kids. His plan to develop the parish in Linda is to establish a preschool (he ran a preschool in Botswana before), primary school and other educational institutions and projects there. He knew ASBIRO for few years and it became clear to him as an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics that he wants to follow our steps in Zambia. We decided to work together to reach that goal and make it possible.

What is the plan exactly?

Our goal is to help Jacek build an educational complex on the grounds of the Linda’s parish. The whole project is based on three steps of work, one after the other.

First part of the project

A preschool

Our first step is to establish a preschool in Linda- a building of four classrooms, student and teacher facilities, cafeteria and rooms for our volunteers. We also have a plan to organize a playground, a garden and a soccer field. The whole investement will take around 85 000 zloty.

Linda is a compound at the border of Lusaka. Local children speak a tribal nyanja language but the official language in Zambia and zambian school is English. It is necessary for those kids to learn English well unless they want to continue their education, to find a good job and become successful in the future. The main reason we want to establish a preschool is to give the children from Linda a chance for a better start and teach the English.

Second part of the project

A Primary School

It is not true that there is a lack of schools in Africa. There are a lot of them but the problem is a poor level of education in that schools. It is very often that there are about 80 students in one classroom with only one teacher. Imagine how hard it is for them to study and teach in that kind of conditions. Also there are not enough qualified teachers because most of them were born and went to schools in the slums. They can teach how to read or write but their general knowledge leave a lot to desire. That is one of the reasons why the education level in african schools is so poor. After graduation children know how to read, write or count but they have absolutely no idea about the advanced knowledge and they cannot understand the problems of their life and don’t know how to solve them and change the situation. Richa Africans send their children to schools in America, Europe and China but those from the poor family background are just left behind without any perspectives. We are going to open a school with the highest education level where there is a current number of students in one classroom and the teachers will bring their knowledge from developed countreis.

Third step of our project

The ASBIRO University in Zambia

The last step to reach our goal is to establish The ASBIRO University in Linda- a school where a lecturer can become only an entrepreneur. In Zambia we want to teach basics of economy, international trade, free market, entrepreneurshi, how to establish and manage the company etc. In fact, even if the University doesn’t exist yet, we have already started to organize some meetings of the local entrepreneurs with Linda’s youth.


Help us to build the school

The easiest and the most needed way to help us is to donate some amount of money we can use to build our project. That way you can help us at home and it will take you only few minutes.

Voluntary Work

You can also become our volunteer and go to Africa with us to help. We need constructors, teachers, doctors and every other person who is willing to help.
Read more about the voluntary work in Zambia

Collecting goods

If you have more time but you are not ready to go to Zambia as our volunteer you can organize a project of collecting goods for Africa among your family, friends, collegues or neighbours, even at your school or work place. We look for school accessories, toys, clothes, old computers, bikes and all other kind of stuff you don’t need any more but we can send them to Africa and make a good use of them.

Read more about the project of collecting goods for Africa


More advanced way of help is to fund a scholarship to one of our students in Linda. We have a lot of kids who want to study but their parents cannot afford to send them to school- help us to make their dream come true.
Read more about our scholarship project

What is ASBIRO?

The only school, where 100% of teachers are entrepreneurs.


Ks. Jacek Gniadek

Jacek Gniadek

Ksiądz, misjonarz.
Kamil Cebulski

Kamil Cebulski

Przedsiębiorca, publicysta, rektor Uczelni ASBIRO.
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